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Being unique adds purpose to my life. It is something I relish. I like to express my individuality through my everyday life choices such as fashion, taste in reading material or my opinions. Even if I achieve no more than what I have today in some way I have changed, contributed and been involved in this universe. The knowledge that I have existed. Me, unique to everyone else. Leaving my unique fingerprint on earth lets me rest easy despite the thousands of unanswerable questions; including the major one: ‘what is the purpose of life?’

But a new thought now plays on my mind. What if no thought is unique.
Of the overwhelming number of people that have graced Earth there are many greater minds, older souls and wiser philosophers than myself. So why would any of my thoughts be different? Why would the same thought never crossed the mind of someone else? Just a quick glance on twitter confirms the number of people thinking exactly the same as me in response to breaking news or a TV programme and often they have articulated the pointed more wittily. At the end of the day the human mind is ultimately anatomically much the same, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

I can accept that the genes coding for my eyes, my hair or my skin may be inherited from my ancestors and shared with my family. But each of my thoughts stripped of their originality leaves an eerie uneasy feeling. A sense of an evasion of my intellectual privacy and even a reconsideration of my purpose in life. What is the point of cultivating clones of unoriginal thoughts.

Human life does not standstill despite this as an alignment of new ideas, being in the right place at the right time allows advancements. So maybe this is where the originality stems from. Old perspectives but the amalgamation of different eras, past experiences and current circumstances. Should we find happiness in the originally of thoughts that arise from our day to day unique lives? Or maybe humans are integrally the same having all descended from Adam and Eve.

The irony: this is not a unique thought.

”If you can not do great things, do small things in a great way” – Napoleon Hill