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The artificial electronic light that emits from small handheld devices hypnotises millions of people worldwide every minute. We turn to the artificial light like flowers to the sun, soaking in the rays from an intangible cyberworld. In a trance-like state we stare at our screens losing track of time, losing track of the physical world. Instead we live life through a screen.
What was meant to connect us with the world could actually be distancing ourselves further from our own lives.

I completely understand the benefits of connecting one edge of the world to another in milliseconds. We are now more aware of injustice, disease and suffering elsewhere and this allows the opportunity for humanity to unite and help in any way possible. However I also understand the dangers of the internet – of getting lost in a web of faceless interactions and people encroaching on others privacy.

Increasingly more of life operates quite through a screen including socialising, ordering groceries and playing Playstation games with friends from the comfort of separate homes. Despite this, we can’t live through a screen.

Ever taken a picture of something but found the digital image didn’t do real life justice? No angle, flash or Instagram filter could capture the moment in it’s perfection. That’s because life is better without the screen.

So let the revolution begin! Put down your phone, your laptop, your i-pad and relish the world. Awaken all your senses. Savour that breath of air, look out the window and really see the world.
We are blessed to be alive right at this moment. Live it in the moment. (No screen necessary).