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Splish Splosh splash rain hit against the windows. The rain drops landed on the window, darted along the glass and raced after each other to reach the other side. Plump clouds loomed ominously above the houses of Beaulieu drive, holding within them gallons of water that would pour down over Beaulieu drive.
Cars whooshed by causing puddles of muddy water to spray onto an unfortunate unsuspecting passersby. The Passerby who had until that moment had successfully weaved between rain puddles to escape dry. Umbrellas were drawn and aimed toward the sky. Pedestrians battled against the wind and the torrent of oncoming umbrellas. But the umbrella was a poor shelter against the downpour and a even poorer contender against the gusts of wind that ambushed, conquered and overthrew the umbrella shield.

Dressed head to toe in grey everyone looked grey and glum. Grey suits, grey boots, grey umbrellas and grey expressions. All except one person. All except one child. Kat Clarke.
Equipped with wellingtons the puddles on Beaulieu drive were treacherous swamps that ran deep in the depths of the Congo. Kat Clarke waded knee deep through the swamps bravely and stealthily so as not to wake the sleeping crocodiles.
Armed with an orange raincoat the raindrops were arrows fired from the bows of enemies hidden in the sky. Kat Clarke swerved and dived, faster than lightening. The arrows bounced off the magical orange raincoat. But This was not any ordinary magical raincoat. It was an impenetrable armour gifted to Kat Clarke from the wise man that lived on the Himalayas near Asda. The wise man commended Kat Clarke for her leopard like speed and agility.
And lastly the umbrella. Borrowed from Kat Clarke’s Japanese neighbour, the umbrella served as a Japanese samurai sword. So precise the sword could split even a raindrop in half; so sharp the blade could slice through pavement like cheese.
With this samurai sword Kat Clarke would protect her tribe that marched on her land. This land was passed down from Kat Clarke’s ancestors and equipped with the undefeated trio of rainwear she would guard it.
Kat Clarke stood at the highest point of her land and scanned the horizon for approaching enemies.

‘Kat Clarke! I will not tell you one more time! Get down from the drive’s wall and come inside!’
It was the call for dinner. The tribe were safe for the time being and so Kat Clarke retreated into her home.