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I always hear the phrase ‘People do not like change.’ But I disagree. I love change! At least a change for the better or at the very least, it’s equivalent.

Humans have sought change throughout existence. Our ingrained curiosity and imagination is how we discovered electricity, aeroplanes, medications and even fashion. These inventions have changed each and everyone of our lives.

Change is essential for development but change is also vital to adapt, evolve and survive. It is the crux for the survival of the fittest.

Change can be a platform for bad as much as it is for progress, therefore we can use change as a comparator; as we do not always know if we have found our prime unless we make a change.

If tomorrow took the form of a symbol it would be a question mark. That question mark, that blank canvas, allows our imagination to run amok and dream up any change possible or not.

It is the concept of change that drives humankind (despite many aversion). Essentially change and hope reside hand in hand.

We hope for change as change holds hope.