We spend our health working for money. We then spend our money to claim back our health.

A large part of me questions the reason why people stay in a ‘dead end’ job they hate for years on end. I have met only a couple of people who are genuinely happy with what they do.
So why keep inflicting yourself a job you despise?
I ponder these thoughts as i return home at 10.30pm via a grubby tube.
Is the money worth it?
Money seems to control so much of our lives we enslave ourselves to hours, days, months and eventually years of work.
We are slaves to money.
Money controls how we spend our days (working), where we live, what we can afford to do in our free time and even to some extent the company we keep.
So what does money give us that we seek it so hungrily? Food, shelter, warmth and stability.
But what does it take away? Health, time, youth? happiness?
For me this balance is tipped overtly towards happiness.

‘The best things in life are free’ i hear you say. And what about ‘Money can’t buy you happiness.’
Then why do we as people pursue money so intently.
Obligations to our dear ones and being a responsible adults are explanations.
But we also have an obligation to ourselves and our loved ones to be healthy and happy and to them teach these principles.