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I studied at university for the past four years, graduated this Summer and entered into the vocation I had been training for at a renowned institution.
This was, without doubt, an exciting moment.

I moved into accommodation closer to work that was worse than university halls; and this is kindly put. But at least the view was good.

On starting the job I realised quickly that what university had taught me both inside and outside lecture theatres had not prepared me for the fierce world of work. Although I received positive feedback I often felt I was swimming amongst sharks and out of my depth.

As lucky and appreciative as I am to have a job, I still have many years of grafting until I can pay off my tsunami of student loan but continuing with lack lustre job would be signing my soul away.

When I opted for this profession at the age of 17 it was because I felt my choices were few. I was unsure what I wanted from life, except for money and success. I was eager to go to university, make the most of life and then go on to a job and earn lots of money. Although I knew that this vocation was not suited to me it was a route to success. In my younger opinion those who achieved success and wealth were the lucky ones.

Now my priorities are different, the lucky ones are those who are able to do what they love everyday.

My current dilemma remains the same as five years ago causing my initial mistake of rushing to university. I need to find my true dream and then I can run with it. Or at least enjoy the swim to discovering my dream.